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Please specify all products to be packed with the machine.
gewünschte Leistung: 60 Pack/min
Our machines are available in two sizes and are based on the film width, which is the circumference of the product plus an allowance of about 50 mm for the formation of the longitudinal seam.
Please list all packing materials you plan to use.
If the product can be pushed over sheet metal, the film feeder is at the top. If it has to be carried, the packaging material holder is at the bottom.
Our machines are available in two running directions. In the left-hand version, the product runs from right to left, while in the right-hand version, the product runs from left to right.
For thin packaging material, rotating sealing jaws can be used, even for high outputs. For thicker packaging materials and paper, we recommend a boxmotion system to ensure a longer sealing time and that the package is sealed tightly.
Heated sealing rollers are used for heat-sealable films. If the packaging material has to be welded (e.g. PE), hot air sealing is required.
The decision whether to use a fixed or an adjustable format set depends on the product geometry. For flat and wide products, a fixed format set is used to ensure uniform film run, which we also recommend for packaging papers. For more square products, an adjustable format set can be used.
It must be possible to push the products over the sheet metal in the carrier chain. For indexing, it is also necessary that the products can be accumulated. The link chain belt is for products that cannot be pushed. The 2-sided inclined belt protects round products from rolling away.
The standard length of the outfeed conveyor is 800 mm. It is possible to extend the outfeed conveyor to install a label dispenser. It is possible to shorten it to 300 mm in order to shorten the total length of the line. A flap can be used to eject defective products.
You can find more information about the individual options here.