Herbert Barsch

“From independent service technician to leading supplier: Herbert Barsch founded Barsch and developed customized flowpack machines."

Company foun­dation

Herbert Barsch founded Barsch, a company specializing in the manufacture of flowpack machines, in 1986. Previously, he worked as a service technician at Rovema, which sold Italian flowpack machines to Germany in the 1980s. When the flowpack machine department at Rovema was closed and customers could no longer get spare parts, Herbert decided to start his own business as an independent service technician. In the early 1990s, he developed his own flowpack machine using a modular system to easily adapt it to customers' needs. Since the Italian manufacturer rejected his idea, he started building his own machines. Today, Barsch is a leading supplier of flowpack machines, offering customized solutions for a wide range of industries.

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Barsch is managed today by Frank Lindenstruth and Nadine Barsch. Frank is the technical manager and Nadine is the managing director. Both have been with the company since 2010. Nadine studied mechanical engineering in Cologne with a specialization in mechatronics. At Barsch she is responsible for the management, sales and human resources.

Frank started at Barsch with an apprenticeship as a precision mechanic and subsequently completed a dual study program in the field of systems engineering up to a master's degree. He is responsible for design and ensures that production runs smoothly.

As a team, they complement each other perfectly and, as experienced managers, they ensure smooth production and the continuous further development of our flowpack machines.

Nadine Barsch + Frank Lindenstruth

“Nadine and Frank successfully manage Barsch with complementary skills and many years of experience in the company.”

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"Barsch supplies personalized flowpack machines to horticultural companies and international groups, with modular design and excellent service. "


Barsch supplies many flowpack machines to farms that supply fruit and vegetables to food retailers in Germany. More than 80% of our more than 420 machines are in such farms. However, international groups in the confectionery and non-food sectors are also among our customers.

Our unique selling point is our modular machine construction, which enables us to adapt each machine individually to the needs of our customers. In doing so, they benefit from our many years of experience. We attach great importance to service availability in order to always be able to offer our customers, especially those who supply sensitive foods to the food retail sector, a contact person and a quick solution.

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Work culture

At Barsch, we work in a structured and conscientious manner. As early as the project planning stage, we rely on checklists and detailed documentation to ensure a smooth and correct process. This enables us to ensure that every flowpack machine meets the highest quality standards. In the event of service, we can react quickly and specifically because we have detailed documentation.

In addition, a good fault trace is very important to us. Since we use the same assemblies over and over again, it is important to troubleshoot in a structured manner so that the operating process is continuously improved.

Barsch Mitarbeiter Besprechung

“Structured project planning, detailed documentation and a good error culture guarantee smooth production at Barsch.”

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Barsch Mitarbeitergespräch

"We promote the continuing education of our employees through semi-annual discussions and individual development plans."

Career Oppor­tunities

We do employee reviews twice a year to find out what the satisfaction level is, what could be improved, and where everyone would like to develop. Development opportunities range from learning individual skills such as programming the milling machine, learning to weld, or diving more into electronics. All the way to specialized training. We have also released employees for a technician or master course.


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Compen­sation and bene­fits

Our employees enjoy attractive remuneration with us, which is based on the IGMetall collective wage agreement. In addition, we provide each employee with an annual budget of €300 for work clothes and sweeten Christmas with a gift. A water dispenser with sparkling water is available for self-service in our workshop. In addition, we are registered with Jobrad and we offer our employees the possibility to borrow a large car for moving, for example, if necessary. Private use of our workshop and machines after work is also possible. We rely on a fair and transparent remuneration policy as well as attractive additional benefits for our employees.
Barsch Lastenrad

“With us, employees receive fair salaries and benefit from great additional services."

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Barsch Monitor Inventor Autocad

"Our working conditions are state of the art. With us you work in a modern environment."

Wor­king con­ditions

Our working conditions are state of the art. Height-adjustable desks and curved screens are available at all office workstations. We also rely on the latest technologies for our business equipment. Our telephone system is state-of-the-art and our ERP system is Microsoft Dynamics. We use Microsoft Teams for organization and have digitized all machine information from the last 35 years. We work in a very structured way and use checklists to ensure the quality of our processes. In the workshop, a large screen provides information about current appointments and planning. With us, you work in a modern environment with contemporary working conditions.


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Team and coop­eration

At our company, the focus is on cooperation within the team. We value a positive working atmosphere and organize a summer party every year. Last year we organized a big family party, where there was a bouncy castle and a tour of the company for the family members of our employees. Afterwards, we grilled burgers and ended the evening together. Our Christmas party also focuses on togetherness. We like to organize events such as bowling or a visit to an escaperoom before visiting the Christmas market together and going out to eat. A regular breakfast together is also part of our company culture - be it on the occasion of a birthday or as part of our continuous improvement processes. With us, you can expect a team that not only works together, but also celebrates together.
Barsch Sommerfest

"Collaboration and celebration - at our company, both are part of the corporate culture."


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Barsch Kitabesuch

"As a manufacturer of packaging machines, we take our responsibility to society and the environment seriously, and we care deeply about packaging and recycling."

Society & Envi­ronment

As a manufacturer of packaging machines, we take our responsibility for society and the environment seriously and the topic of packaging and recycling is close to our hearts. On our Instagram account, we regularly share information and clarify myths and facts in our "Climate and Packaging" section. In addition, we are committed to supporting young people and offer students insights into technical professions through projects such as Girlsday or our involvement in the Busecker Tal comprehensive school. We also always welcome interns to gain their first experience of day-to-day work. We want to play our part in shaping a sustainable future.

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