Flowpack von Barsch mit Folie von unten

Flowpack made in Germany.

For over 35 years, we have been developing flowpack machines to pack products into flowpacks. Our flexible packaging solutions are suitable for various products.


Our customers receive advice based on partnership. We only offer products that fit your needs and guarantee your satisfaction.

Modular machine design

Our flowpack machines are tailor-made for different products and budgets.

Intuitive operation

Our machines can be operated intuitively, even a film change and the changeover of the product work without language skills.


Due to our high quality standards and our location in Germany, Barsch is an established brand.



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+ 420

Built machines



Second-hand flowpack machines

We buy back our own machines and refurbish them in order to rent them out or sell them.

Rental machines

You can rent our packaging machines on a monthly basis.

Second-hand machines

You can buy our flowpack machines second-hand. So you get the perch quality at a lower price.

Satisfied customers


The production capability of our customers is our top priority, and this also applies outside of our business hours.

Spare parts

We have all wear parts in stock and can ship them the same day. On weekends, they can be picked up around the clock.

German suppliers

We rely on spare parts from German suppliers, which can also be purchased from industrial wholesalers in urgent cases.

Service telephone

We are also available for you outside business hours in case of emergencies.


We have digitized the construction plan of every machine of the last 35 years. In addition, we document every service call.


We support each other and make sure that everyone can do their job as well as possible. Our common goal is to build good machines, provide excellent service and have fun at work.

Family business

Nadine is the second generation to run the company in the spirit of Herbert Barsch.

Training on the job

We train mechatronics engineers and industrial mechanics for our own needs.

Working atmosphere

We work together and have fun at work. This also includes our summer party and the Christmas party.

Continuous Improvement

We have a suggestion system with which we continuously improve.

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