Flowpack variants

We build a flowpack machine in different variants and in two sizes. There is the horizontal flow-wrapping machine with film feed from above and below. Which variant is suitable for which product depends on the surface and geometry of the product.

Foil feed from above

Can your product be slid over sheet metal? Then the film feed of the flowpack machine is from above.

Foil feed from below

Does your product need to be worn? Then the film feeder of the flowpack machine is from below.

Efficient flowpack

We focus on resource conservation. With the no-product-no-bag and clocking options, we save film because there are no empty bags.

No Product no Bag

A sensor reliably detects whether a packaged product is in the feed chain. If this is not the case, no bag is produced.

Automatic Infeed

The flowpack machine runs continuously, pulling products from a conveyor belt into the feed chain.


The flexibility of our packaging machines is a great advantage. The product changeover takes place in just 2 minutes.

Adjust. Format set

The adjustable format set allows flexible adaptation to different product sizes and shapes and is particularly suitable for square cross-sections of the product.

Fixed format set

A fixed size set is recommended for flat and wide products as well as composite films, or paper. The inner contour ensures a smooth film run.

Interchangeable jaws

If required, sealing geometries can be effortlessly adapted by changing tools, so a Eurolog seal can be easily added.

Elect. Integration

Thanks to coded connectors and grid channel for cable feed-through, electrical integration in systems is easy to implement.

120  sec.

Duration format change

35  m/min

Max. speed

100  Stck.

Max. data sets

7  "

Touch display

Intuitive operation

Our flowpack machines are user-friendly and intuitive, through the elimination of mechanical adjustments, mechatronic systems and use of sensors. Settings can be easily saved and managed.


Our packaging machines are designed to eliminate operator error by eliminating mechanical adjustments without compromising machine flexibility.


The film pre-roll ensures uniform film tension. The film is driven directly by a drum motor, which rotates quickly or slowly depending on the position of the dancer arm.
Sensors prevent machine crashes caused by misplaced products or empty packaging materials.


By changing the data set, the machine adjusts to a different product, while a wizard helps to create new data sets.


Our machines are designed for durability. With durable components, we minimize downtime and ensure a long-term investment for our customers.

HTD Belt

Our HTD belt drives run quietly and are completely maintenance free, eliminating the need for chain maintenance. In the event of failure, they are readily available wholesale.

Polycarbonate chain

The polycarbonate feeder chain is equipped with flights made of V2A and is ideal for foodstuffs. The chain is easy to clean and maintenance-free, while the flights are extremely robust and durable.

Slip rings

The encapsulated slip rings transmit power and information between the PLC and the sealing tools. They provide additional protection against dirt and are maintenance-free. Carbon brushes no longer need to be cleaned or replaced.


Our knives are made of specially sintered carbide to perform several million cuts.

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